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The Elegant Collection

An inspiration of embodying Oman's uniqueness, diversity and beauty in a fragrance bottle. Each fragrance has a purpose and a story to be told, where you can see, sense and smell.


An orchestral symphony inspired from the Royal Opera House. Exotic and sensual, bold yet mysterious. Angham opens up with seductive notes of spices followed by a warm dark base of amber, sandalwood and leather.


Top Note: saffron, apple and clove

Heart Note: orris, geranium and jasmine Base Note: ambergris, cedar wood, sandalwood, leather, benzoin, vanilla and citrus


Nose: Emilie Coppermann


A precious handcrafted jewel of a young beautiful Omani woman. Mariya is a rich blend of love and glamour.
The fragrance opens with an overwhelming essence of rose and fresh notes. Within, emerges the sweetness of vanilla
and caramel fused with floral notes and coffee.

Top Note : Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange Blossom & Coriander

Heart Note : Rose Taif, Bulgarian Rose, Geranium & Bourbon

Base Note : Coffee Santos, Vanilla, Patchouli & Caramel

Nose: Hamid Merati-Kashani


Inspired by a traditional Omani symbol, worn in ceremonial occasions. Khanjar’s blend evokes a state of contrast and euphoria. Enriched with spices and fused with oud. A scent that triggers unparalleled feelings.

Top Note: agarwood, rose centifolia and saffron

Heart Note: cumin, patchouli, jasmine, clove and cedar wood

Base Note: olibanum, leather, woody notes, musk and praline


Nose: Pierre Negrin


Inspired by Oman’s iconic Jabal Akhdar’s smoky rose essence, blended with exotic oud, musk and amber.

Dehjan uplifts a sensation of grandeur and uniqueness.

Top Note: rose water accord

Heart Note: cypriol, citus labdanum and oud

Base Note: musk and amber


Nose: Dominic Ropion


A hidden gemstone in Oman, with a breathtaking scene up in the sky. Turn your desire for an adventure into a realty and experience tranquility and serene with the delicate scent of gardenia blende with apricot and suede.

Top Note : carrot absolute and appricot

Heart Note : osmanthus   gardenia

Base Note : suede, moss   beeswa


Nose: Marie Salamagnet


An historic name of Oman’s frankincense land. Zafar opens up with the smoky essence of frankincense blended with soft spices. Bergamot and vetiver settles the mood and a warm feeling surrounds you with a rich base of sandalwood, amber and leather.

Top Note: olibanum, rose, bergamot, cinnamon and plum

Heart Note: cedarwood, heliotrope, orris and amber

Base Note: vanilla, tonka, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, amber, vetiver, guaiac wood and leather


Nose: Pierre Gueros

Use Perfume as your message, it can make silence talk!

Elegant Set Collection

Each fragrance has a story, each detail has a touch of care and each scent has a purpose , experience this Elegant collection, presented in a luxurious royal black set with exquisite golden details .

6 perfumes x 30ml